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I just wanted to put this out there for anyone looking into getting a VirtualPrivateNetwork. I had to type that out in case my blog gets blocked for using the initials. Yeah, I know it’s stupid but these days people want to get every site blocked so ISPRevolution is there to provide a little more information to what you may need/want.

As of the beginning of 2015 they have stopped writing reviews since no one was really reading anymore but it’s still up and running as sort of just an info site for reference.

By Luna

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Hope you all are having a great holiday,¬†had a great Christmas day and Happy New Years. I’m excited as to I got something new for Christmas, yay!

As soon as I saw it I couldn’t wait to review it for you all. Here we have the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. I will post the specs below, after I am done with this review.

When I first saw it, my first impression was “love it.” I really love how the size is small and convenient to carry around in your pocket without it digging into your side when you sit down hahah. One thing I didn’t like about it, is that the battery does not last long at all with continual use. I’d have to say it lasted about a half a day maybe a little more fully charged. In the box I got an in-ear headset, usb cable, and wall adapter. With these days Samsung and I’m going to guess other phone brands will just provide the usb cable to use with the wall adapter.

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By Luna

Huge Gap Between Reviews *Gasp*

Hello world, I do want to apologize for not writing enough reviews. I would be writing more if I had the means to afford new tech, especially with my husband whom has had a stroke and I stay home to take care of him so we don’t have money to “waste/spend/blah.” On another note, I do want to say I don’t usually find tech I myself like enough to review, so when I do find something “worthy” enough of a review you will find it here in this blog of mine. Please be patient with me and if there is anything you would like me to review, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best possible to get back to you asap as to whether or not I have used the product to review for you ūüôā

Thank you all for the time you have taken to read my reviews.

Luna ‚̧

By Luna

HTC Wildfire

After my husband decided to start using the Samsung Galaxy Apollo i5801, I was bored of using my Sony Ericsson Spiro, so I decided to get the HTC Wildfire last year. Up to now it has been a great phone. Although not a lot of the apps that I want to use is compatible.










I managed to snag this phone on the 3 network from Carphone Warehouse for just under ¬£100. The box it came in was quite small and in the box was the¬†USB¬†cable and¬†USB¬†power adapter, manual, and a pair of earphones/headset. Once again I was disappointed that a screen protector did not come in the box because I like to keep most of my new “toys/tech” looking brand new for as long as I can.

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Samsung Galaxy Apollo i5801 <<(Orange Version)

Hi everyone. I guess this is better late than never. Here we have the Samsung Galaxy Apollo i5801 which is the Orange version. There is no difference than the i5800, it just having a one at the end rather than a 0 and it has a reflective front.










My father in law bought this phone in 2010 and decided that it was too complicated for him and gave it to my husband. Turns out husband was happy with his Samsung E900 back then so I decided to tinker with it. This was the first smart phone that I have ever used and I was able to quite easily get around the use of it. The phone itself is quite nice for it’s design and it was quite hard to find a good fighting case that didn’t break easy. The reflective surface gave it a nice touch. It has a narrow 3.2 inch screen, which is nice if you have small fingers. Continue reading

By Luna

Unbranded Earphone with mic under ¬£5

Last year, I was growing tired of the earphones I had and decided to shop around for a pair of inexpensive earphones, preferably with a microphone to use with my mobile phone. After a few days and nights surfing the web I came upon these unbranded headset on Ebay below.












After receiving these in the mail a couple of days later, I quickly opened it, as most people that get excited getting things. Yes, I am a dork. Anyways, my first impression of these when I unpacked it was that these were just going to be the same as a pair of earphones I could have gotten from the pound shop. Upon trying them on I was quite surprised. These weren’t anything like the pound shop earphones you could get. FYI, they only come with the one ear bud. They were very comfortable to wear for a few hours (not like them pound earphones that turn out to hurt your ears after a few minutes), sound was good, doesn’t have much sound leak at all, and once you’re listening to music they are just as good as noise cancelling earphones. The microphone sounds quite good as well from the other side of the line and the answering button is quite handy. The only downside of these earphones is that the red part is made of metal and gets quite cold if you live in a cold place.¬†Up to now I have not broke the wire as I leave them laying around sometimes.

All in all my rating score is below. Can’t go wrong with a pair of earphones under a fiver.

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By Luna

Creative HS800 Fatal1ty Gaming Headset with Detachable Noise-Cancelling Microphone

To start off, I purchased this headset in 2009 and up to today they have been a really good pair of headset.










After my previous headset broke I came across these in search of a new one. The main feature that I was looking for a in a pair of headphones/headset is the comfort. As I am a really big gamer, I play for hours on end and the trouble with most headsets I’ve had were that I could not wear them for longer than an hour. At first I was a bit skeptical in buying these as for me at the time I was in college full time and didn’t exactly have the means to make a lot of cash, but turns out that paying ¬£22 at the time wasn’t so bad after all for these headsets not forgetting to mention that I really liked the design.

The comfort on these are really great. I managed to wear them for at least 3-4 hours with no pain at all. If you have small to medium size ears they will fit around your ear without catching it on the padding. The padding itself is really great though, as they’re made of foam as most are but the down side is that the cover of the¬†padding¬†are made of a plush velvet type material so if you rub any piece of light clothing on it or leave it laying around it will gather lint and dust but don’t let that stop you from getting them. There’s also padding on the band of headset so it sits comfortably on your head. The audio was a little distorted at times but was still good for the price. Another downside of this is that the sound leaks at certain levels of sound and you can almost hear everything going on in the background at a medium volume level.











Next thing on the list is the detachable noise-cancelling microphone. I really liked the added benefit of being able to detach the mic at anytime when I didn’t need it, but the main feature of the microphone is the noise-cancelling effect. At one point there used to be a lot of noise in this house, from people laughing to the TV being on loud all day so it was pretty difficult to be able to speak in game as it would be distorted with other microphones. With this noise-cancelling microphone I was able to talk in game all the time without all the background noise being a problem. I’d have to say that the background noise level reduction was at least 80% but that’s still not bad. The person on the other end of the line said it sound clear. The only downside I had with the microphone is that the puff ball fell off after a year or so but not really a big deal I used a tiny bit of glue to stick it back on.

The plug type is a 3.5mm jack and the lead is quite long so I had to keep the flexy tie on half of the rolled up part. On the lead itself is a small remote to control your volume instead of constantly having to play around with buttons on your pc, phone, ipod, iphone, whatever. It’s a simple round roll up or down for the volume. The best thing about this little remote is that it has an on and off switch for the microphone. I always caught myself needing to say something to my significant other right next to me when I was talking to my parents through Skype so I found it handy to simply just turn it on or off. All in all, if you’re looking for a decent pair of comfortable headphones/headset for under ¬£30 there you have it, the Creative HS800 Fatality.

A rating of a my own, I’d have to give it a four star product and that’s just because of the sound.

So here’s my rating sticker below.




That’s all for now. Hope this review helped and was short and as detailed as possible.

Thanks for reading,


By Luna